In depth dive in to our newest ECO system token and how OIL and DIESEL are going to merge together to form it.

As we are getting closer to our yield optimizer launch. Here is a detailed article on our newest ECO system token, CRUDE Token. This will effectively replace both our current tokens OIL and DIESEL. Once the CRUDE token is in effect. OIL and DIESEL will merge and removed from our ECO system. In a nutshell, there will be only one token in our ECO system from there onwards.

Fear not!!! Current OIL and DIESEL holders are safe…

Here is a brief of progress made in the month of May.

Greetings Fam! Hope everyone is having a great month (even after the crypto market correction)

There is plenty of stuff to be conveyed to our faithful community. We have made excellent strides in our main product development; The yield farm optimizer. More details will be followed subsequently. We wanted to explain everything in detail. Hence this article will be a bit extensive.

Content Covered in the May Update

  1. Finalizing Yield Farm Optimizer UI/UX
  2. Yield Farm Optimizer Smart Contracts Development, Beta launch, Internal Testing and External Public Testing
  3. Smart Contract Audits
  4. Merging DIESEL and OIL…

Greetings Crudeoil Fam,

We are happy to announce that our new V2 Pools are live on our farming platform

🚜 Farming Platform:

Here are few important points to ponder before you move to V2 pools

1) We are no longer supporting Pancake V1 pools. Hence the deposit button is disabled (but the withdrawal button will remain active). There won’t be any reward generated for the V1 pools here after. You are advised to withdraw your LP from V1 and add back in V2 and re-stake in our V2 pools

2) OIL/BNB and DIESEL/BNB New V2 pools are live now with considerable APR. If…

Here is a brief of what was brewing by the crudeoil finance team during the month of April

Greetings Fam! Hope everyone is having a blast.

We know that you have been craving to know more about the progress we made on the main product of the project which is “The Yield Farm Optimizer”. This article will provide a brief but thorough update about the Yield Farm Optimizer along with few other important updates.

First of all, apologies for not engaging much with the community during April. However, the team was fully committed with respect to the actual development of…

Since the inception, Crudeoil Finance has launched several BSC Projects using our very own launchpad and we are delighted to see them grow. This guide will explain how you could contribute to any IDO on our launchpad.


Go to our sale web page here

Click “Connect” and connect your account. Make sure you’re on the Binance Smart Chain

Select Public Sale in the top left-hand corner and Once the timer on the screen runs out and arrives at the defined block, you will be able to click on the contribute button.

Specify the amount you want to contribute (MIN: 0.1 BNB and MAX: 20 BNB) and click confirm



Here we go! Crudeoil Finance has partnered with Hybrid Protocol (HIP) and we are delighted to announce our second token launch HIP on our very own launchpad.

Here is a summary of the sale

🛢️ Pre Sale Platform:
🛢️ Sale allocation:
1,050,000 HIP (21% of total supply)
🛢️ Min Cap: 0.1 …

Community is our first priority and transparency is the key. Here is a quick peek at The updates and what’s going on behind the scenes with @crudeoil_fi

1. First things first, we have successfully completed our Audit in collaboration with @certikorg audit report is published on their website you can visit their website and read the report for yourselves.

2. Diesel has been listed on Pancakeswap and Bakeryswap.

3. We have received about 10 CEX listing requests from exchanges. We are evaluating the best that would add value to the token. …

Here we go! Crudeoil Finance has partnered with Billion Happiness (BHC) and we are delighted to announce our first non-crudeoil finance affiliated token HPS on our very own launchpad.

Here is a summary of the sale

🛢️ Pre Sale Platform:
🛢️ Presale Price:
1BNB = 65 HPS
🛢️ HPS token allocation: 300,000
🛢️ Min Cap: 0.1 …

It is the moment that you all have been waiting for. The climax!

The ever anticipated Public Sale Phase 2 of $DIESEL will be held on the bakeryswap IDO launchpad.

About Bakeryswap

Bakeryswap is the very 1st AMM+NFT exchange on Binance Smart Chain and has grown to be a giant in the industry from its inception. We at Crudeoil is proud to announce our collaboration with Bakeryswap to conduct the $DIESEL public sale phase 2.

Crudeoil Finance

Next generation decentralized yield aggregator/optimizer built on #BSC for the DEFI economy. Audited by Certik:

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