2000$ in prizes to be won (50$ each for 40 random winners)

We are happy to announce Crudeoil Finance Twitter & Telegram Profile Picture Changing event.

📝Rules (must do below steps) :

1. Wear CRUDE profile picture and text(examples given below)

2. Like & Retweet Pinned tweet and this tweet and tag 3 friends: https://twitter.com/crudeoil_fi/status/1416268276150071296?s=20

3. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/crudeoil_fi

4. Join our telegram chat: http://t.me/crudeoilfinance
ANN Channel (https://t.me/crudeoilfinance_ANN)

5. Fill this form: https://forms.gle/Rx3LbQ8QRjJwCcLk9


Crude Profile Image https://imgur.com/96ueVY2


17 th July — 7th August


Greetings Crudeoil Fam!! Hope everyone is having a great day

We understand everyone has been eagerly waiting for the launch of our token and platform. As we stressed out many times, There won’t be any launch till we get the audit results back. We want to make sure our contracts…

In depth dive in to our newest ECO system token and how OIL and DIESEL are going to merge together to form it.

As we are getting closer to our yield optimizer launch. Here is a detailed article on our newest ECO system token, CRUDE Token. This will effectively replace…

Here is a brief of progress made in the month of May.

Greetings Fam! Hope everyone is having a great month (even after the crypto market correction)

There is plenty of stuff to be conveyed to our faithful community. We have made excellent strides in our main product development; The…

Crudeoil Finance

Next generation decentralized yield aggregator/optimizer built on #BSC for the DEFI economy. Audited by Certik: http://certik.org/projects/crudeoilfinance

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