CRUDE TOKEN: OIL and DIESEL Snapshot Date, Time and Important Information

Here we are!! After countless sleepless nights of rigorous development and testing, the launch of CRUDE is surely approaching fast. However, first things first! As we already communicated, we will be discontinuing $OIL and $DIESEL and all who hold them will be rewarded with $CRUDE, our brand new token where our future direction will be.

Snapshot Date and Time

So, Calendar the date! We will be taking random snapshots on 18th June 2021 between 1400 UTC and 1700 UTC. Yes! you guessed right! We will be taking random snapshots to avoid manipulation of price and to ensure a fair dividend.

⏱️ Timer:

Important Information (Read Carefully)


Read the following information carefully not to miss out on begin eligible for the CRUDE compensation.

🛢️ Only the holdings of OIL and DIESEL captured in the snapshot are eligible to receive CRUDE Tokens which includes


➖ OIL Holders
➖ OIL Stakers in Crudeil farm
➖ OIL/BNB LP ,pancake v1 holders
➖ OIL/BNB LP, pancake v1 stakers in Crudeoil farm (Pool ended)
➖ OIL/BNB LP ,pancake v2 holders
➖ OIL/BNB LP, pancake v2 stakers in Crudeoil farm
➖ OIL/BUSD, pancake v1 holders
➖ OIL/BUSD, pancake v1 stakers in Crudeoil farm (Pool ended)


➖ DIESEL Holders
➖ DIESEL Stakers in Crudeil farm
➖ DIESEL/BNB LP ,pancake v1 holders
➖ DIESEL/BNB LP, pancake v1 stakers in Crudeoil farm (Pool ended)
➖ DIESEL/BNB LP ,pancake v2 holders
➖ DIESEL/BNB LP, pancake v2 stakers in Crudeoil farm
➖ DIESEL/BNB LP, Bakeryswap holders

🛢️ After the snapshots were taken, you will be able to claim CRUDE on the launch of CRUDE. Once the snapshot will be done, we will open a portal on the main website to swap your OIL and DIESEL to the CRUDE token. Holders will be able to seamlessly swap their OIL/DIESEL holdings to CRUDE with this portal according to the holdings stats during the snapshot.

Example: If you hold 100 DIESEL and 100 OIL during the snapshot. You will only be able to swap 100 DIESEL and 100 OIL max during the swap. Nothing more…

🛢️ CRUDE will be allocated according to the fair market value of both OIL and DIESEL. We will take a reference point for the circulating supply, OIL/DIESEL prices and the holders list with the respective amounts. Therefore, whether you hold OIL or DIESEL, your CRUDE allocation will be proportional to the market value. The acquired OIL and DIESEL will be automatically burned.

🛢️ If you wish to buy the OIL and DIESEL tokens, do it before 14:00 UTC, 18/06/2021. Those who buy after the snapshot is completed; won’t be counted

🛢️ Current Holders, LP providers or stakers don’t have to do anything. We can take your holdings through our script seamlessly. They will be automatically included in the snapshot.

However, If you want to unstake/remove LP of your positions. Do it before the 14:00 UTC, 18/06/2021. and the keep the tokens in your wallet

🛢️ If you have staked in the following platforms. you are advised to unstake before the snapshot is taken
➖ Bakery swap DIESEL-BNB LP staking pool (pool ended)
➖ Hyperswap OIL staking pool (pool ended)

🛢️ Stakers are advised to claim their unclaimed rewards (if there are any) before 14:00 UTC, 18/06/2021. Once the snapshot is taken unclaimed rewards won’t be counted towards the CRUDE calculations.

🛢️ Holders, LP providers or stakers are advised NOT to perform any of the following activities during 14:00 UTC — 17:00 UTC snapshot time period

❌ Stake, unstake, take rewards
❌ Buy or Sell
❌ Transfer from one wallet to another

Basically, you must not do anything during the specified snapshot time period.

🛢️ OIL and DIESEL liquidity providers are advised to remove their LP immediately after the snapshot is taken.

You will be asked to swap your OIL/DIESEL holdings through our swap portal after the snapshot. Hence snapshot alone will not make you eligible for the CRUDE tokens

🛢️ The roadmap for CRUDE will be announced soon along with a series of marketing campaigns to support the promotion of the product

🛢️ CRUDE listing date, swap date will be communicated in due course.



We will cover the swapping details in a separate article. For the time being, please go through the following flow diagram to get an idea of how it works roughly.

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