Here is a brief of what was brewing by the crudeoil finance team during the month of April

Greetings Fam! Hope everyone is having a blast.

We know that you have been craving to know more about the progress we made on the main product of the project which is “The Yield Farm Optimizer”. This article will provide a brief but thorough update about the Yield Farm Optimizer along with few other important updates.

First of all, apologies for not engaging much with the community during April. However, the team was fully committed with respect to the actual development of the Yield Optimizer product and we are well aware that you have been feeling curious to know more about it too. the Our workaholic team was in their A-game over the past few weeks and we tend to speak less and do the actual work more. Although we have been in the stealth mode for the past couple of weeks, you guys will be happy with the strides we made with real progress towards our ultimate weapon, the Yield Optimizer.

Our developers have been working tirelessly since last month. And we are not copying and pasting a competitor code to change logos and colours. We have been simply developing a game-changer while building AI type farming vaults strategies. This takes dedication and effort and multiple rounds of whiteboarding, discussions, arguments and thinking outside the box to deliver a top-notch product. We must ponder so many aspects while building an optimizer product such as User experience, Security, Competitive advantage over other similar products which already exist in the market, etc… Out of all that, we take security as the priority numero uno which will be the key to a successful DEFI project. We value the trust of the community who would ultimately put their funds in our product. Hence we need to convince our community how high we take security into consideration.

There are two main components in a Yield Farm Optimizer architecture.

  1. UI/UX (Already Completed Successfully)
  2. Backend Smart Contracts for Farming Strategies (Currently Being Developed)

UI/UX Development (Completed Successfully)

Our community was very frank with our previous UI/UX and we listened. Thus, we wanted to build a simple, clean, responsive UI for our new product that will ultimately replace our farming platform. We analyzed and understood that one of the common major issues that exist in current optimizer product UIs is that they are not responsive and user friendly. In our design, we managed to overcome that. We sure hope!! :-).
Some people even suggested that we should have simply forked an existing product like Beefy Finance and presented it like our own. Our response was, NO WAY IN HELL!!! There are copy cats coming out faster than cheetah could run 40-yard dash. Crypto comes with the word innovation. We do not want to fork something which is not built by us, change the colour and present it as our own. Thus, we put in a lot of effort, time, money and hours of sleepless nights to develop a unique interface.

Here are some snapshots of the product we are building. It is beautiful, ain’t it? 😍





Backend Smart Contracts for Farming Strategies (Currently Being Developed)

As much as the frontend UI/UX is important, the backend smart contracts for farming strategies are even more important. Our dedicated backend smart contract developers have been putting in long hours, while regularly liaising with our partners to develop seamless and cost-effective farming strategies. Furthermore, the backend team have been following a Plan, Develop, Test and Optimize process to ensure the quality of the deliverable.

TimeLine (Immediate Future)

Here is what we have planned to do within Q2. We will launch the optimizer well before the Q2 ends. Stay tuned!!!

Other Developments

In addition, we have successfully completed the IDO of Rebasing Protocol on 6th April. When it comes to IDOs, we have made a policy decision that quality comes before anything else. Going forward, we will revamp our IDO selection procedure to ensure that our community gets benefited in the process.

We have made one mid tier exchange collaboration and actively been pursing a top tier exchange to list our $DIESEL token. It will be lined up with the product launch

Pancake V2 Migration

We understand that pancakeswap is migrating to a new version soon. If required, we will also migrate to new staking contracts. Nevertheless, your funds will remain SAFU.

Incase we will have to move to new staking contracts, The process will be smooth from our end.

PS: We will completely abandon the current staking platform once the new optimizer comes around 😍

Monthly $OIL and $DIESEL Burn

Oh it’s coming. Most likely to be held at the end of the month. Community will be communicated about the burn separately closer to the event


Overall, we are very happy with the progress of the Yield Optimizer and confident that the product will mark a significant milestone upon launch. We will also actively pursue some of the key IDOs in the month of May!

We thank you for your continued support looking forward to an eventful month ahead.

PS: There will be separate article explaining the mechanics and technical of our optimizer. It will be longer than this 😉

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Next generation decentralized yield aggregator/optimizer built on #BSC for the DEFI economy. Audited by Certik:

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Crudeoil Finance

Crudeoil Finance

Next generation decentralized yield aggregator/optimizer built on #BSC for the DEFI economy. Audited by Certik:

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