Crudeoil partners with Certik to conduct the smart contract audits

Since the much-hyped launch of Crudeoil on 18th Feb, we have lived up to and exceeded the expectations of our valued community. We have been keeping our community at the forefront of all our actions and we enjoyed the positive feedback we received from all of you.

Now we listened to you again and as mentioned in our roadmap, we are announcing our partnership with Certik to conduct the smart contract audits of OIL. This long-term partnership iterates nothing but our commitment to developing a complete and sustainable ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

About Certik

Certik is the world’s most advanced blockchain security company with many partnerships with leading blockchain projects. Certik brings together its expertise to deliver nothing but the highest quality audit outcomes that have led to developing trust and assurance of the community about blockchain projects.

You may contact Marco from CertiK Foundation for further clarifications

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Crudeoil Finance ($OIL) is listed on Pancakeswap and listed on CoinMarketCap.

OIL Contract Address is 0xb1b17dff66d75b29d34f0bf8622c406d8219b507

Beware of fake contracts!


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