Crudeoil Finance has reached a strategic partnership with Shibanova

Crudeoil Finance
3 min readAug 29, 2021

We are happy to announce that Crudeoil finance collaborated with the Shibanova; One of the well-known projects in the Binance Smart Chain space.

Shibanova has been building a comprehensive ECO system around Binance Smart Chain, that includes a DEX (AMM), farming platform and many more.We had a discussion with one of the co-founders of the project and had great communication back and forth.

The shibanova DEX and farming platform are currently operational and launched recently. Like our platform, it’s just a toddler. We have seen great potential in the platform and Our interests also aligned. This partnership will be mutually beneficial for both parties. Shibanova got a great community as well. Hence the partnership will be beneficial for both our communities.

Nature of the Partnership

Crudeoil Finance is a yield optimizer and Shibanova got a great dex AMM along with a yield farming platform. We will build yield farming strategies for their yield farm and maximize the user earning by the followings

  1. Auto compounding feature will maximize the earnings and users won’t have to manually compound their earnings.
  2. Additional Crude rewards to the Shibanova farm users will boost the overall APY for each farm.

Currently, shibanova farming platform has a limited number of farms. we have build strategies for all of them. With time we create more strategies as they keep adding more farms to the platform.

Initial Crudeoil Vaults for the Shibanova platform

Following is the list of the vaults we have built for the shibanova users with insane APYs.

  1. NOVA-BUSD LP Vault
  2. NOVA-BNB LP Vault
  3. BNB-BUSD LP Vault
  4. BNB-USDT LP Vault
  5. MATIC-BNB LP Vault
  6. CAKE-BNB LP Vault
  7. BTCB-BNB LP Vault
  8. USDT-BUSD LP Vault
  9. ETH-BNB LP Vault

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About Crudeoil Finance

Next-generation decentralized yield aggregator/optimizer built on #BSC for the DEFI economy. Audited by Certik/RD Auditors and Techrate

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About the Shibanova

At the heart of the ShibaNova project stands the philosophy to reward early investors by making them actual shareholders who receive dividends for their early adoption and continued loyalty. The way ShibaNova achieves this is by distributing the majority of the revenues from swap fees (75%) to a daily dividend rewards Pot (the Money Pot), to be distributed to all sNova holders. sNova, our reward token, is one of our two tokens (Nova and sNova), that can be obtained only by providing liquidity and staking the resulting LP tokens in a Nova farm.

Furthermore, this approach allows us to counterbalance the potential value collapse of farming rewards, that is usually seen in traditional AMMs such as PancakeSwap, as we return most of the value to our users in the form of dividends!

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Crudeoil Finance

Next generation decentralized yield aggregator/optimizer built on #BSC for the DEFI economy. Audited by Certik: