Crudeoil Finance Pre Sale Contribution Guide (Starts at 18/02/2021 at 1:00PM UTC)

Brief article explaining how the users can contribute to the crudeoil pre-sale

Its almost time!!! We are proud to announce that the crudeoil finance presale will be held tomorrow (18/02/2021) at 1:00PM UTC on our own launchpad platform. Here is a summery of the presale

🛢️ Pre Sale Platform:
🛢️ Presale Price:
1BNB = 50 OIL (Unsold tokens will be added to the staking rewards pool)
🛢️ OIL token allocation: 14000
🛢️ Min Cap: 0.2 BNB
🛢️ Max Cap: 10 BNB
🛢️ Presale Hard Cap: 280 BNB
🛢️ Pre sale will be conducted on FCFS (First Come First Serve basis)
🛢️ Pre Sale start date and time: 18/02/2021 at 1PM UTC and
🛢️ Pre Sale end date and time: 22/02/2021 at 1PM UTC (or we reach the hard cap)
🛢️ OIL will be listed on Pancake Swap as soon as the pre sale ends.

TIMER (Same is provided on the website as well)


Go to our sale web page here

Click “Connect” and connect your account

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Specify the amount you want to contribute (MIN: 0.2 BNB and MAX: 10 BNB) and click confirm

Wait for the tokens to reach your wallet. Token distribution will happen after the pre sale ends.

Thanks again for the community support. If you have question, feel free to ask us on the telegram.


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