Hybrid Protocol ($HIP) Contribution Guide

Here we go! Crudeoil Finance has partnered with Hybrid Protocol (HIP) and we are delighted to announce our second token launch HIP on our very own launchpad.

Here is a summary of the sale

🛢️ Pre Sale Platform: https://launchpad.crudeoil.finance
🛢️ Sale allocation:
1,050,000 HIP (21% of total supply)
🛢️ Min Cap: 0.1 BNB and Max Cap: 20 BNB
🛢️ Public Sale Hard Cap: 700 BNB
🛢️ Public Sale will be conducted on FCFS (First Come First Serve basis)
🛢️ Public Sale start date and time: 17/03/2021 at 2 PM UTC
🛢️ Public Sale End date and time: 20/03/2021 at 2 PM UTC (or we reach the hard cap)

🛢️Public Sale Price — $0.166 and Listing Price: $0.18

HIP Tokenomics

HIP Tokenomics can be viewed here

Public Sale Date & Time: 17/03/2021 at 2 PM UTC

⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩ TIMER⏪⏪⏪⏪⏪


Go to our sale web page here https://launchpad.crudeoil.finance

Click “Connect” and connect your account. Make sure you’re on the Binance Smart Chain

Select Public Sale in the top left-hand corner and Once the timer on the screen runs out and arrives at the defined block, you will be able to click on the contribute button.

Specify the amount you want to contribute (MIN: 0.1 BNB and MAX: 20 BNB) and click confirm

Wait for the tokens to reach your wallet. Tokens will reach your wallet as soon as the contribution is done. Check on BSCScan.com and paste your address to verify

About Crudeoil Finance

🛢️ Website: https://crudeoil.finance
🛢️ Email: contact@crudeoil.finance
🛢️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/crudeoil_fi
🛢️ Telegram Chat: https://t.me/crudeoilfinance
🛢️ Telegram Channel: https://t.me/crudeoilfinance_ANN
🛢️ Blog: https://crudeoilfinance.medium.com/
🛢️ Github: https://github.com/CrudeoilFi
🛢️ Docs: https://docs.crudeoil.finance
🛢️ PitchDeck: https://docsend.com/view/x9puqwhca8ciwbt4



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